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bash decrypter with substitution

A friend of mine didn't remember the "real" password (es. v3ry1mp0rt4n7pas5w0r6) that he used to encrypt his file with this openssl syntax:

openssl aes-256-cbc -salt -in myfile -out myfile.enc -k v3ry1mp0rt4n7pas5w0r6

but he remembers the "original" password (es. veryimportantpassword) before haxor replacement (a=4, s=5, e=3, ...)
well, i think that this little script can be useful to resolve this "memory" problem:


for i in `echo v{e,3}ry{i,1}mp{o,0}r{t,7}{a,4}n{t,7}p{a,4}{s,5}{s,5}w{o,0}r{d,6}`

social engineering I

"be you fluid and incomprensible"

hello world

perl -le "''=~('(?{'.('^]).+}'^'./@@_]').'\"'.('@%,,/}*/],^}'^'(@@@@]]@/@:_').',$/})')"
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