rfc header format

edsniff debianized

I love debian, so I built edsniff_0.1.0_i386.deb to permit all debian/ubuntu/others users to test my program using binary package.
This is a useful program to study network protocols as you can see in previous post, and if you want to test it you can install it with:

lisbeth:~# dpkg -i edsniff_0.1.0_i386.deb

To uninstall:

lisbeth:~# apt-get remove edsniff


When I began to spend my time with my first connections and I saw the blinkenlichten for every packet sent or receive, I asked to myself what was into those packets. I was very curious and I want to know what kind of information are in those packets, every form, every single bit...
For this reason is born edsniff: to show what a packet contains.
This program is thinked to learn a little pieces of networking protocol.

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